Super Long Flexible Butt Plug Set


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Plug trio for deep anal pleasure! Super Long Flexible Butt Plug Set from You2Toys: 3 x very long butt plugs in different sizes and weights. Each plug is very flexible and bendy. Each plug has a gentle tip that comes to a point and a suction cup that serves as a stopper. Sizes: Small plug complete length 33.5 cm, insertion length 32 cm, Ø 1 cm ? 3.5 cm, 161 g. Medium plug complete length 42 cm long, insertion length 40.5 cm, Ø 1 cm ? 4.3 cm, 268 g. Large plug complete length 52 cm, insertion length 50.5 cm, Ø 1.5 ? 4.8 cm, 453 g. PVC.


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