Inflatable silicone Anal plug


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Anal Training Made Easy – The Inflatable Silicone Anal plug Are you looking for a toy that will prepare you perfectly for the next adventure? Then this inflatable Anal plug made of high quality silicone is just right for you! The plug is ideal for beginners and advanced players, as it can be easily inflated to any size with the pump ball. Easy insertion and maximum pleasure The tapered tip and the soft, caressable surface of the plug allow for particularly easy insertion. The stopper prevents too deep penetration and thus guarantees a safe and pleasant play experience. Waterproof and easy to clean This plug is not only easy to use, but also particularly easy to clean. It is waterproof and can be easily washed off under running water. So nothing stands in the way of the next use in the bath or shower. Details Total length 12.4 cm, width 6.4 cm. Silicone, ABS, vinyl.


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