Inflatable Anal plug for intensive anal training


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The perfect plug for an intense anal workout Our inflatable Anal plug is perfect for anyone looking for an intense anal workout. With a tapered tip and smooth surface, it slides in effortlessly and gives you a fulfilling feeling of completeness. The stopper prevents you from going too deep and gives you peace of mind that you are in complete control at all times. Individual adjustment for perfect fit The individual adjustment of the plug is simple and fast: With the included pump ball, you can build up the pressure at your own pace and thus inflate the plug as it is best for you. Deflating is also very easy thanks to the valve. So you can always adjust the plug perfectly to your needs. High-quality materials for carefree enjoyment Our Anal plug is made of high-quality silicone and rubber, which are safe and body-friendly. The material is skin-friendly and easy to clean. The plug has a…

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