Analplug Lust Tunnel – Ø 5 cm with stopper


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The Lust Tunnel is a real speciality for anal pleasures. It is open on both sides and invites deep insights. In addition, the anal plug also offers a stopper. It can therefore be closed. Here you are welcome to come up with the idea to fill the plug with liquids and then close it. The liquid can only run into the body , but not out again. You decide when it can go in both directions again. The Anal Plug has a length of 10 cm. The diameter starts at 2.5 and goes up to 5 cm. The used material for the completely black sextoy is silicone. Total length 10 cm. Outside Ø 3 to 5 cmInside Ø 2.5 cm. Material: silicone, phthalate-free according to EU regulation 1907/2006/EC.

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